Monday, December 12, 2005

Status of my Potato Chip Scarf Crunch Crunch

Status of my Potato Chip Scarf.  Well I would loive to say that I have finished mine but I have not.  I left it in the bottom of my knitting bag for the last week but I am so inspired by Karen’s double, Sharon’s single, Christy’s single and Kelly’s single.  I hope to have mine bind off this afternoon.  Since I am car – less today I should be able to get a lot done.  The last increase row can be a killer.  I am so surprised at how long that last increase can take.  Photo to come once I am done.  BTW I am going to do the single crochet bind off like Christy’s since it really made it look very nice and it was a loose bind off.  One way to do my crocheting and one more way to loosen up my tight knitting… LOL OH darn… after I bind off that one I have to do the pick up to do the second ruffle…  Ok… so I will post my part way photo soon.


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