Friday, December 02, 2005

Pictures coming soon

Pictures coming soon.  It seems that I have once again set out to do something but once again fell short of getting everything done all in 24 hours.  I am hoping to post a picture of my scarf.  I am making the Double Ruffle Potato Chip scarf.  I am using:

US#10 ½    60 inch circular needle.  (10 ½ happens to be my favorite needle but I thought that I needed to longest cable I could find.  LOL  I think I might have been able to use a shorter cable.  Thank you Denise Kit)
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, Karabella Aurora Melange, and TrendSetter Aura.
Cast On: Well I will post the count later.  I had so much fun doing the provisional cast on that I lost count.  I know that I did atleast 90 but I think I did more like 150.  But who is counting anyways… LOL

Stay tuned for pictures of this adventure.


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